North East: NDC crying foul to divert attention from impending humiliation – NPP

The New Patriotic Party(NPP) in the North East Region has said that Executives of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) are raising a false alarm about the NPP bringing in well-built men to the region ahead of the 2020 election to divert attention.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the North East region has alleged that well-built men have been brought into the region to intimidate their members and the people of the region from voting.

But a statement from the NPP signed by the Regional Secretary Lawyer Sulley Sambian indicates that the NDC is aware of the defeat that awaits the party and wants to divert attention from the fact that they have been incompetent and have also squandered monies meant for their campaign.


Defeatist claims by NDC won’t save them from the anger their supporters over the huge disappointment.

We have noted with concern a deliberate attempt by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to find reasons for which they are disgracefully losing the elections in the North East Region.

While we see it as diversionary tactics from the incompetence of their executives who have failed to live up to expectation, making the New Patriotic Party(NPP) the toast of residents in the region. We are reliably informed that it is another avenue for them to escape from the wrath of their supporters for hugely disappointing them.

It is sad that party executives who took huge sums of money with the promise to campaign and ensure that John Dramani Mahama and parliamentary candidates in the various constituencies are voted for, have misappropriated the same and are now engaging in these face-saving gymnastics to suggest they are either being intimidated or prevented from winning the polls.

It is on record from the various polls and predictions including those from the NDC themselves that the 2020 polls is a done deal for the NPP and attempts to claim thugs have been brought into the region to foment trouble only exists in the fickle minds of the NDC.

The NPP is a democratic party that believes elections are won and lost at the polling stations and, therefore, had only trained vigilant representatives to ensure that nothing untoward happens.
The NDC we are aware, are only trying to find better ways of diverting the huge campaign cash for personal use after indicators point to the fact they are losing the polls and nothing will save them.
They are clutching at straws and making wild allegations of the importation of thugs among other security breaches to suggest “We worked but were robbed”.

This won’t work and we urge well-meaning Ghanaians to treat these allegations with the contempt they deserve. We have an election to win and got no time for distractions from sore-losers like the NDC.
God Bless the NPP, God Bless Ghana
Still 4More4 Nana

Sulley Sambian
North East Regional Secretary
New Patriotic Party

Mr Riddims

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