NPP party chairman allegedly teams up with DCE to beat a police officer mercilessly – Kesben FM Confirms

No matter what, we should all know we are one nation and one people under one democracy and power will never reside in the hands of one man forever no matter what happens. Lawlessness is something no one should ever support said Nana Kwaku, Kesben Media reporter of the Central region. A police officer is protected by the constitution to serve and protect citizens from all kinds of assault and maltreatment, but the police officer cannot serve and protect and defend when it comes to party followers said the police officer who has been assaulted. For the relevance of police command of Ajumako-Enyan-Essiam, I will not reveal the identity of the police officer until the police are through with their investigations as promised when Nana Kwaku visited him.

The police officer in charge of Okyeso Police Station in the Ajumako-Enyan-Essiam district of the Central Region was assaulted mercilessly for doing his works. Okyeso is community of less than 30,000 residents and their main source of living is farming and trading. A 58-year old man was reported by a woman for an alleged assault. The woman came to the Okyeso police to make complaints and the police officer in charge followed protocols of going to arrest the accuser so the case can be settled.

The 30-year old police officer decided not to arrest the 58-year old man because of the conditions the man was in. He aided him to the police station through talks and when they got there, he tried to listen to the man’s side of the story so he the police officer can make a statement. A call came through within three minutes of reaching the police station, and it was from the office of the District Chief Executive Officer of the Ajumako-Enyan-Essiam district.

The DCE on the phone categorically instructed the police officer to release the man and set him free, but the police office told him he cannot do that since there is an alleged case of assault against the 58-year old man, and they have just started interrogating him. According to Nana Kwaku, the DCE Mr. Kwesi Nyarko then warned the police officer that if he fails to follow his instructions, he will deal with him mercilessly and bitterly. The police officer doing his job didn’t say anything and the line went dead.

They were in the process of interrogating the 58-year old man when the DCE pulled up with the constituency chairman of the NPP party, according to eye witness who were there at the scene, the DCE Mr. Kwesi Nyarko gave four slaps to the police officer. Simultaneously, the party chairman also added two slaps to it making it six slaps with that instant. The DCE according to Nana Kwaku who reported the case, instructed his bodyguards and they gave the police officer a hell of beatings yesterday. The DCE according to eye witness who spoke to Nana Kwaku said, the DCE made claims that the police officer is an NDC police man and due to that, he doesn’t listen to instructions.

The police officer has been admitted to the hospital receiving treatment. Assistant Commission of Police of the Divisional Police Command of the Ajumako-Enyan-Essiam district, Owoahene Acheampong said a crime like that will never be allowed to die without swift investigations, and they will prosecute whoever is in charge if found guilty after their investigations.


Source: RockyJDJones/RiddimsGhana


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