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OMG !! This Is Exclusively All you Need To Know About DJ Akuaa’s “Poppin” Banger

DJ AKUAA is putting in her bid for the song of the holidays with her newest track, “Poppin.” The song features Kweku Afro and is produced by APYA with a nostalgically
pleasing hiplife vibe. Given how the year has gone for most of the world, “Poppin” is the reminder we all need that regardless of your circumstance, we have to do our besto stay optimistic and happy.

Life is too short to beheld back by sadness, and in those
inevitably overwhelming moments, songs like “Poppin” brings us back to smiling, dancing and happiness. The traditional instrumentation of the track and KwekuAfro’svocals bring you to those feel-gooddays, while DJ Akuaa’s verse brings the new age
vim and energy.

Her zest is especially welcome in the form of a woman dropping bars,
which is something we don’t get to hear nearly enough.The video for “Poppin” perfectly mirrors the song and the times, show casing groups of people enjoying themselves, but also featuring came os from friends of DJAKUAA and Kweku Afro dancing to the song from home, including DJ Mike Abrantie, GiftyB, Clifford Owusu and more.

“Poppin” was released on November 23rd on all major streaming platforms, definitely check it out and let us know what you think!

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