One feared dead after mud building in Obogu collapses

A man believed to be in his 40s, identified as Mohammed, is feared dead following the collapse of a mud building at Obogu in Asante Akyem Municipality in the Asante Region on Saturday morning.

Narrating the incident to Adom News correspondent, Isaac Amoako, a resident in another mud, Adwoa Animah said the deceased has been indoors battling a sickness.

“He has been sick for about two months and unable to walk, so as soon I noticed the building had collapsed, she rushed to call others to the scene,” she said.

“I was asleep when I heard the noise. I knew there was a sick person inside, but I can’t tell if she was dead already or the collapsed building led to her death,” the resident said.

She, however, indicated her unwillingness to vacate the place explaining that her rent was not due.

One feared dead after mud building in Obogu collapses

But looking at the collapsed building, she reconsidered her decision to continue renting the mud.

“Well, the back of my mud also have cracks and looking at this collapsed one, I think I have to vacate because I can’t tell what may happen next.”

The NADMO Zonal coordinator, Boateng Stephen, commenting on the incident, said his office had advised landlords to do something about buildings that have cracks, “but the landlords don’t take it seriously.”

He said the unfortunate incident, however, came as a surprise to them.

One feared dead after mud building in Obogu collapses

According to him, the last time his office visited that particular mug was in 2018, “but we have been educating through the information centre, and this mug, in particular, has been here for about 80 years.”

“Sometimes when we see that a building is cracked, we talk to the landlords to get cement to plaster it, but for this particular building, it’s been a long time we addressed it.”

Residents in the community expressed shock as they wait on the police to intervene.


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