Pastor predicts NPP to lose 2020 election

Pastor John Kumah, founder and leader of Grace Chapel at Asante Akyem North Ananekrom has predicted that the ruling NPP government lead by President Nana Addo will lose power come December 7, 2020.

According to the pastor, God has given Nana Addo enough time to redeem the country but he has refused to let the words of God prevail and has rather listened to the woes of his party. The party brought him as leader but God made him the leader and President he is told so he answers to God and when God says, he must listen.

In a phone interview granted by the pastor, he said blood has flown into the country on many occasions

Pastor John Kumah placed emphasis on killings of people through several means; allowing politicians to kill harmless humans, allowing robbers to kill innocent people, and allowing political and security entities destroying civilian lives and HE God has communicated to the President on what to do in other to cure all these and set his people free but the President has refused to listen to what he has been seeing in his dreams.

What God did not like is when the President did not listen to his dreams before Corona Virus entered Ghana. According to pastor Kumah, many political members within the NPP government will divert to the traditional and water gods cursing executives because of elections both parliamentary and presidential there by invoking Gods anger.

God gave Nana Addo guidance on what to do so corona couldn’t have entered Ghana but he did not implement what he saw in his dreams. He also said God gave Nana Addo guidance on what to do so CSM wouldn’t have entered northern Ghana but he again refused to heed to those directions from God and kept listening to his party.

When asked what can be done to remedy the situation, the pastor said; God has already made his decision and nothing can be done. NPP will lose the power and they will remain in opposition for the sins of their leaders until they seek God’s guidance and forgiveness.

The pastor refused to state who will win the 2020 elections, according to him God told him to send his message and he has delivered it, whoever God choses to lead Ghana is up to God not man.

He said Ghana will endure Corona Virus until a new leader is appointed by God come December 7.

and God has been communicating with the President via dreams but the President has denied to listen to those dreams making his party dictates what he needs to do. According to him, God hates the ways of men which Akufo Addo has been acting on.

The pastor said categorically that God revealed to him that Nana Addo hasn’t been active listening to the words HE has sent him and has been a soft man whom HE will remove from power come December 7.


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