Pregnant woman who recovered from Covid-19 admits to reduced stigma after JoyNews report

Recovered Covid-19 patient, Mathilda Agamu, has admitted that following JoyNews’ campaign and report against stigmatisation, there has been a reduction in the humiliation her family face.

A heavily pregnant Mathilda and her family tested positive for coronavirus in the Upper East Region and that was the turning point in their social life.

Sharing her experience on JoyNews’ award-winning Super Morning Show, she expressed determination to help in the education against the stigmatization of Covid-19 patients.

“Now my prayer is that they make me an ambassador for Covid-19,” she said, Monday.

After their recovery from the disease, they were subjected to public disgrace to the extent that her eight-year-old daughter was pelted with stones by other children for testing positive for deadly Covid-10.

Their ordeal garnered massive public attention and condemnation of the barbaric act.

This was followed by donations from non-governmental organisations and the Member of Parliament for Bolgatanga Central Constituency, Isaac Adongo.

She admitted that more people have started warming up to her with some wishing her a safe delivery.

“Because of what you people did, they have started showing us that kind of love. I can’t say it is hundred percent but there has been an improvement,” she told host of Joy SMS, Kojo Yankson.

“I will definitely go back to the market because that is where I get my daily bread,”

Pregnant Mathilda is due for delivery and has expressed confidence over the health of her unborn child.

“I have confidence but they said I should run some tests see the doctor.

Pregnant woman who recovered from Covid-19 admits to reduced stigma after JoyNews report 2

Meanwhile, the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has intensified its coronavirus education and the need to refrain from such acts.

Upper East Regional Director of the commission Pontius Pilate Baba Apaabey, stated their partnership with local media stations is aiding the cause tremendously.

He revealed that Mathilda has joined the team of officials who go about busting grounded myths about the virus in the region.

“The NCCE is leaving no stone unturned in respect of the Upper East region,” he said.


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