President Akufo Addo pardons 808 prisoners ahead of election 2020.

The president of Ghana who is called Nana Akufo Addo has shown another mercy on prisoners as the 2020 general elections approaches. The president of Ghana in his authority gave a presidential pardon to 808 prisoners who have been in prison for a long time and exhibited a good life as a sign of repentance. Not only was those who have exhibited a good life in prison pardoned, those who are sick in prison were also pardoned together with those who have serve a long term in prison.

A lot of people have raised questions as to why the president will pardon 808 prisoners as the 2020 general elections approaches. Some people are of the thought that the president of Ghana pardoned the prisoners so they can add up to the votes he will get in the 2020 general elections whiles others are of the view that he is just doing it out of mercy and nothing more.



Source: thegoodnewsman

Mr Riddims

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