Prophet Who Correctly Predicted Akufo-Addo’s Victory Drops Prophesy For Ghana and Captain Smart

The 2020 elections are over, however, there has been so much controversy over the results. The opposition NDC have claimed that the results were flawed. They have vehemently protested against the results; indeed, they have also indicated their resolve to seek redress in the Supreme Court.

This week news broke that Captain Smart had been burgled with the thieves leaving a message from him regarding urging him to stop being partial to a political party. Many have seen this to be an indirect attack on journalists as Captain Smart is not the first journalist to be threatened.

On December 30, 2020, Angel Broadcasting Network had a thanksgiving service with Prophet Amoako Atta, the man who predicted correctly the victory of Akufo-Addo. It can be recalled that last week the man of God had prophesied that some people sought to kill Captain Smart.

The man of God prayed for Ghana, Captain Smart and the team at ABN. The man of God used a black pigeon as a point to banish calamity from the broadcasting network. He also cursed any form of calamity planned for the country and Captain Smart. He later made Captain Smart get to a certain widow, make some declarations and let go of the pigeon.

“Ghana will have peace. No calamity can befall the nation. All those planning evil will be destroyed. No one can destroy what God has not destroyed. Captain Smart, you are untouchable. No one can kill you. They have failed” Prophet Amoako Atta declared.

The man of God declared that with the release of the pigeon, every calamity meant for Ghana, Angel Broadcasting Network and Captain Smart has been banished. He declared peace on Ghana and charged Ghanaians to be calm because all was well.



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