Quiz: Let’s see how well you’ll perform if you went for a Ministerial vetting

This quiz will show how well you’ll perform if you went for a Ministerial vetting…

Which of these Ministries will you like you head?

Youth and Sports
Tourism, Arts and Culture

As a Minister, how many assistants would you like to have?


What will you say if you’re asked a question at vetting that you do not have an answer to?

Mr. Chairman, I don’t have the answer to this question
Mr. Chairman, I don’t have the documents here but I’ll provide them later
Mr. Chairman, I don’t remember

Would you like to take your partner to watch your vetting?


Which of these men would you like to avoid at vetting?

Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa
Sampson Ahi
Haruna Iddirsu

As a Minister, which of these will be most difficult for you to do?

Criticise your own government
Steal from state coffers
Resign after being involved in a scandal

Which of these punishments do you prescribe for corrupt government officials?

20 years in prison
Sack from office
Banned from occupying any public office forever

How will you dress to your vetting?

Wear a caftan
Wear suit and tie
Wear any presentable dress

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