Remove telecom masts at homes and public places now – Pressure Group to NCA

Active Citizens Network, a pressure group has called on authorities regulating activities of Telecommunication networks to as a matter of urgency, relocate various masts errected at residential areas due to the high risk of radiation it produces.

According to the group, a research conducted by them indicates that, the rate at which people die in various areas where these masts are mounted is very high, as they believe it is as a result of the high level of radiation it emits.

Addressing the media in Accra, the Convenor of Active Citizens Network, Nana Asempa, the world has become a global village because of communication, nevertheless, the impacts of Telecom masts can not be overemphasized.

He furthered that installation of Telecom masts is strictly supervised by various authorities like Ghana Civil Aviation Authority, EPA, Radiation Protection Institute etc, yet the group believes it has been lackadaisical in their laws regarding safe and legitimate installations in schools, homes, and other public areas.

He therefore called on authorities to come clear on why they have allowed those masts to be installed in homes, schools and other public places which poses danger to health and safety.


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