Rib-cracking memes, posts from Carlos Ahenkorah’s electoral fraud act

The behaviour of some Members of Parliament during the proceedings to elect a Speaker for the 8th Parliament of the 4th Republic has been widely condemned amid calls for the legislative body to render an unqualified apology to the general public.

Aside from the fight for seats, kicking of paper-box voting booths, and a few altercations that marred the process, Carlos Kingsley Ahenkorah’s decision to snatch ballot sheets from a Parliamentary official and bolt during counting has been the talk of town.

In fact, it is that single act that beats the imagination of the public. Disrupting election proceedings? Yes; a legislator engaging in electoral fraud in the full glare of the public? No!

What appears to fascinate many is Mr. Ahenkorah’s seeming perception that he is the best athlete in the country to the extent that he could run out of the building with the sheets without being caught. That thought was however diffused by security officials and some of his colleagues including Muntaka Mubarak who after getting hold of ‘Usain Bolt’ Ahenkorah, metamorphosed into a ‘Bukom Banku’ and served him some hot punches.

He has since been inundated with backlashes but there is a twist to this controversy – social media pages have been flooded with memes and posts aimed at creating humour to douse tension and troll the legislator.








Source: Ghanaweb





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