Changing the negative narrations: Sankofa is a must.

Sankofa is a must.

In order to forego the negativity and pursue the positive ways, we need to reach back to correct our mistakes and fetch what will help transit us to a better future. We better pay attention to the Sankofa bell and know what to do when it rings. This is what we supposed to do when the Sankofa bell rings.

When the Sankofa bell rings

It means reach back to fetch

Fetch greatness, not weakness

Fetch the good, not the bad

Fetch courage, not cowardice

Fetch love, not hatred

Reach back to fetch, reach back to fetch

When you forget and you reach back to fetch, is not forbidden

Fetch peace and harmony, not war and disharmony

Fetch self-esteem, not inferiority complex

Fetch self-love, not self-hatred

Fetch community, not individuality

Fetch Ubuntu, not ”each man for himself God for us all”

Reach back to fetch, reach back to fetch

For history is our transit to a better future

Fetch African spirituality, not foreign religion

Fetch opposite sex marriage, not same sex marriage

Fetch the herbs, not the chemicals

Fetch respect for elders and authority, not disrespect

Fetch the ancient positive African way, not foreign disharmonious way

Reach back to fetch, reach to back fetch

For a nation without knowledge of her history is like a tree without roots

If you don’t know why it is done, you will never understand what is being done

Without the history of your past, you are like heap of bamboo waiting for the wind to direct you

You will call yourself a sheep while both parents are from the cat family

You will be referred to as slave while sitting on the paramount throne

No good will come out of you, for you have no idea the good deeds of your forefathers

Greatness will never be born out of you, for you smashed your egg of greatness

You children will be slaves in a foreign land because you have no respect for the struggle of your predecessors

Wealth will bypass you because you urinate in the face of the Gods

Sankofa, is never late until the sun and moon are no more.

Kobina Essoun

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