See What An Intelligent Smart Soldier Did To Save A Young Man In Tema

Each, and everyday, crimes are recorded across the globe in every minute. The very common one is the stolen of properties. The normality of life is, for someone to work hard and acquire what he or she desires.

The next most important thing in man’s live after worshipping God is working hard. Working hard is the only means to survive.

Nowadays young men and girls don't want to work hard in order to get what they want or desires in life. They rather indulge in other acts to survive and it includes stealing.

When we sit behind our television set and watching crime check in our prison camps, all we see is young men and women all over in the prison yards.

See What An Intelligent Smart Soldier Did To Save A Young Man In Tema 2

This article is to acknowledge a young brave intelligent Ghanaian Soldier who went all the length and breath to save a young man living in Tema from loosing his motorbike. Most time the military get to news of wrong or bad reasons and we chastised them. This soldier has give a reason to applaud him and the whole armed force.

This soldier was able to investigate a stolen motorbike from Adjei Kojo- Tema West and get it retrieved even when it was dismantle and sprayed to different colour.

The Motorbike was stolen on 9th December from Adjei Kojo- Tema West when the Owner packed it in front of a friend house he was doing delivery to.

The young man use the motorbike to do his delivery so it’s a live saving work the Military man did.

Am acknowledging the military for his good work done, because we equally chastise them when they go wrong.

The intelligent young soldier who investigate the stolen motorbike, and get it retrieve is called L/CP Musah Abdul Malik of Burma Camp.

See What An Intelligent Smart Soldier Did To Save A Young Man In Tema 3

He investigate the case from Konkoma market in Accra to Dansoman where he finally retrieve the motorbike. It was dismantle into pieces to avoid recognition and yet the intelligent smart soldier was able to detect it.

It’s said, this is not the first time L/CP Musah Abdul Malik help investigate, and retrieve stolen item. He investigated a stolen car case and get the snatchers arrested, and get the car back to the owner.

We applaud you of your good character for having the citizens at heart. What surprise me about him is, he did not ask of anything after helping get back the motorbike.

Jhaylern Clothing Inside Adjei Kojo in the Tema West says, a big thank you to you for your service to the Nation.

It’s surely not only C/CP Musah is working hard to make the people fell secure but many others are yet to be uncover.

I pray the top hierarchy of Ghana Army Forces recognized the young man effort and other officers who are doing marvelous work.


Source: Mohammed/RiddimsGhana

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