Sister Afia and Freda Rhymz’s beef gets physical

Singer Sista Afia and rapper Freda Rhymz seem to have taken their lyrical beef to another level as it has now become physical.

The artistes, in a viral video, were about to throw punches at each other at the premises of Media General had it not been for the intervention of the crew.

In an interview with 3FM on Saturday Sista Afia jokingly said she will beat Freda when they meet.

Perhaps true to those words, a video has gone viral showing her taking off her shoes, handing her bag to one of her crew members in readiness to fight Freda Rhymz.

Freda who was not willing to let it pass also readied herself to face the ‘Queen Solomon’.

“Come and say it to my face, say it to my face,” Sista Afia was heard saying.

Although the manager of Freda Rhymz took her away from the scene, Sista Afia followed them and threatened to slap the security who had asked her to calm down.

Sista Afia n Freda Rhymz fighting because of diss songs😂



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