Stakeholders to step-up sensitisation of pupils against COVID-19

Mr Forgive Agoha, Volta Regional Public Relations Officer of Ghana Education Services has said the COVID-19 taskforce and teachers have stepped up their responsibilities to ensure pupils and students adhered to maintaining healthy safety protocols.

He was responding to the observation of the Ghana News Agency that the disease could spread in Basic Schools, was likely to escalate if supervision was not intensified.

It revealed that some of the pupils, especially those in lower primary and kindergarten in the Ho Municipality flouted the wearing of nose masks appropriately by pulling down their masks exposing their mouths and noses were uncovered.

It again revealed that supervision during break time was lower compared to when classes were in section.
In one of the schools, a Kindergarten Teacher told the GNA that though they were teaching them the proper way to wear the masks it was difficult supervising them.

“If you tell them to put them on properly, before you realise some will pull them around their necks or remove it completely,” she lamented.

In another school during break time some of the children removed the masks whilst they played.
A teacher in that school also said they were always telling them of the severity of the virus, but as children they did not fully comprehend the situation.

Another worrying factor was when the children were on break or going home, their observation of the social distance was not the best.

In a chat with a headteacher of one of the schools visited, he appealed to all stakeholders including; teachers, parents, guardians and the public to join hands in educating and supervising the children to do the right thing during this pandemic.

Mr Agoha explained that the challenge during break period was identified already and actions are being taken to address that issue.

He said the School Health Education Programme (SHEP) Coordinators in all the Schools have redoubled their responsibilities towards creating the needed awareness to stem the spread of the virus.
Mr Agoha entreated stakeholders especially parents to support teachers to deliver in this difficult period.

Source: NewsGhana

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