The EIU report is Either a trap or a set-up for NDC to lose 2024 election – Stephen Atubiga

The EIU report for NDC to present a new face as presidential candidate beside JDM, is very dangerous for NDC’s victory 2024 .and may put all the presidential aspirants in danger of defeat from the grassroots.

Unless JDM himself gives very good reasons and humbly voluntary decides not to contest the up coming NDC presidential aspirants election. If not, any elected presidential candidate will get an internal betrayal defeat from the grassroots.


This EIU news should be worrisome internal and a problematic issue to deal with immediately .the love for JDM externally is unprecedented. No presidential candidate of the NDC has ever pulled more votes than JDM before.
No Presidential candidate of the NDC has ever gotten the support of the grassroots bent on bringing him JDM back to power, no matter the number of defeats he gets.


Today JDM hold 60/100 stake( votes) of the NDC as a former President. The Eiu should come again. The NDC party structure should be worshipping JDM as a god in the interest of the party today. Especially in opposition.
The NDC party structure should be worrisome of how we will all come together after the presidential contest, to give honesty loyal support to the elected presidential candidate. for victory 2024 general election.


The party structure should make sure the Veep for any presidential candidate chosen is accepted internal honestly by all .especially former aspirants and power blocks. The EIU report would either break us or bring us together as a party. depending on how positive we as a party take it.


The EIU should come again, I Stephen Atubiga have a strategy and Master plan in packaging him JDM well, well, to give him victory maximum of 8hurs after poles are close on election day 2024. And declare him President in 24hurs as his campaign manager . Don’t forget the strategic moves to secure victory for any other candidate would be different as a campaign manager. Time will Tell.

Despite me Atubiga defeating JDM and the other aspirants coming this presidential elections , the NDC party is Paramount. The NDC party is bigger than me and us all.


When the interest of the NDC is always put first , beside looking at who is leading us , who and where is his running mate from .the NDC would have been saving this country from the hands of this incompetent government.

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