The real story of how Tsatsu Tsikata corrected examiners during an Oxford University exam

It is one of the stories that is often told to extol his greatness as a man who, right from the onset, was destined for greatness.

It is a story that upon first hearing, comes across as one of the numerous fairytales you were told in your childhood days but it is something that actually happened.

Tsatsu Tsikata indeed corrected an exam question, not in any other institution, but the globally recognized Oxford University where he studied law.

The story goes that Tsatsu Tsikata whiles at the university boastfully ordered the examiners to make changes to a question after he realized that it was incorrect.

But the man himself has in a rather humble way, explained what led to one of the many fascinating stories about him.

He said on the KSM show on Pan African TV that he indeed drew the attention of the examiners to a question he felt had some inaccuracies.

Tsatsu says perhaps he was emboldened by his young age but ultimately the examiners found reason in his claims and agreed that he should answer the questions from the tangent of the discovery he made.

“When you are that little, you can also be a bit daring. Indeed, there was an occasion when I thought that the question was not exactly what it should be. The examiner whom I called the attention to acknowledged that there was a point in what I was making and I should go ahead on the basis of what I had pointed out to them. So I went ahead on that basis and by God’s grace, I got a first in Oxford as well.”

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