The Shameful Face Of Rejected Prof. Mike Oquaye

A suspected stage-managed prepared speech from the Jubilee House, singing praises of Dr. Bawumia to be the most ideal NPP leader and presidential candidate for the 2024 elections, and read by scorned and rejected former Speaker of Ghana’s Parliament, Prof Aaron Mike Oquaye has been sighted. This read statement makes him portray himself as a puppet of President Akufo-Addo. Ostensibly Whenever Akufo-Addo pulls the strings attached to parts of the malleable puppet, it makes a funny dance to entertain children. Such is the extent Mike Oquaye has reduced himself to, as an object of scorn and ridicule.

Prof Mike Oquaye, who was once a highly honoured and respected personality in Ghana, has been a scorned and despised image, following his persistent nomination by President Akufo-Addo to continue in his capacity as Speaker of parliament, though his own NPP parliamentarians objected to his renomination and voted against him for Alban Bagbin of the NDC. What a shame!!!

Prof. Mike Oquaye has been a member of parliament for Dome/Kwabenya constituency in the Greater Accra Region. The octogenarian former member of parliament was defeated by a young lawyer Adwoa Safo. Mike Oquaye was subsequently made Ghana’s ambassador to india during His Excellency President J A Kufuor’s administration.

Out of discontent of his loss of the constituency’s parliamentary seat, he sponsored his son, Mike Oquaye jnr. to compete in an attempt to reclaim the seat from the constituents’ beloved Adwoa Safo, only to be snubbed into abject and despicable loss.
In fact, as in the words of ex-President Rawlings, there are greedy “bastards” in Ghana who scramble and pillage everything for themselves, and only for themselves.

Old age is a massive Divine blessing, yet we despise and frown on it for various reasons.
The ripe old age and silver hairs of the legendary Roman philosopher and orator, Cicero, was cherished as providing golden ideas and opinions. Aaron Mike Oquaye is supposed to emulate a similar prominent example, yet he has several flaws to his credit. For a Speaker of parliament who is virtually incapable of actively following proceedings in the House, and would be conspicuously noddling in his seat on the podium in despicable and a joke of our Ghana parliament. Speaker Prof. Oquaye is like someone suffering from sleepy sickness, always
half-asleep and half-awake on the job.

No “conscientious” and constructive boss of an enterprise would contain such a sleepwalker and dozing-off worker in his business, let alone renominating him as occupant of the same very important official position, unless indeed, it’s supposed to be a job disregarded as a mere fanciful position.

For a sleeping “bulldog” Speaker like Mike Oquaye, if he had closely consulted his subconscience concerning his own health and infirm physique circumstances, and if indeed, it were not for his selfishness, greed, avarice, and mischief-intent, any prudent and forward-looking progressive person would out of his own volition, respectfully reject the offer for the sake of Ghana and the NPP. But here is a yes man fawning, greedy, sycophantic, and boot-licking Prof. Mike Oquaye, a stooge of President Akufo-Addo, who has shirked and abjured his dignity, and would readily succumb to the dictates of autocratic tyrant President Akufo-Addo.

President Akufo-Addo doesn’t learn, and his obstinacy and autocracy as a “captain” sailing Ghana’s ship to safety and prosperity that has failed makes him refuse to learn from past bitter experiences, hence his persistent imposition of people on the NPP. The 2020 elections have not taught any lessons for Akufo-Addo to learn. How can an unqualified and a very dangerous “driver” nominate another of his kind to drive people home in safety? Akufo-Addo himself is a failure, so is Prof. Aaron Mike Oquaye. is the poor leadership he gave the greater Accra regional party that led to its poor showing in the 2020 election and question whether he has the capacity to spot or develop leadership talents. There’s also a need to question Mike Oquaye’s ability, just like Ama Serwaa Bame Busia, who are perceived as party elders, whether they can act as honest and faithful conscientious leadership brokers in this party, once they have taken sides. It is these people who are collapsing the party for the sake of their selfish ends in their twilight years. The NPP has serious disunity problem, culminating in disaffection and apathy that showcased in the 2020 elections. Party unity is very paramount, but not to the likes of Mike Oquaye and other supposed Party elders. This is the time they ought to be fighting to establish an enviable legacy.

Over-ambitious Dr Bawumia himself is in a serious conflict of interest. Very unfortunately, he’s exhibiting disinterest and concentration in his office as vice-President to help restructure and rebuild the shattered governance he has contributed in establishing with his boss.

President Akufo-Addo and his vice-President Bawumia have led about the worst administration in the political history of Ghana.
They have contracted more loans than any government in Ghana, and done little with huge sums of borrowed money.

Many contractors have not been paid for work done for years, including even some national security personnel, with the flimsy excuse that there’s no money.
Under Akufo-Addo/Bawumia, no health facilities have been built during their administration. Corruption has been invigorated with fresh irresistible strength.

The national health insurance is in “coma”, and many more.

Dr. Bawumia’s lack of confidence, his incompetence and less able, and incapable leadership has been clearly expressed in his desperate dependency and appeal to other supposed dignitaries to paddle him across the turgid and turbulent upcoming NPP leadership contest. In fact, Dr. Mahmudu Bawumia has no message to deliver to NPP delegates and to angry and disappointed Ghanaian voters, let alone anything compelling, convincing, impressive, and worth considering for his nomination for NPP leadership and presidential candidacy.

Mike Oquaye’s speech is hereby attached, which any discerning clear-minded person wouldn’t even hesitate to conclude that it was planted on his lips from the office of Bawumia at the Jubilee House, the seat of the presidency. Please Dr. Bawumia, mend the shattered Party you’ve created to its normalcy before thinking of your intended leadership prospect.


Adreba Kwaku Abrefa Damoa of the Secretariat Of The 1956 United Party Tradition Committee

Mr Riddims

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