There will be food poisoning all over the country tomorrow- pastor Oheneba Boamah reveals (video)

On December 7th,2020 which is tomorrow,Ghanaians will be heading to their various polling stations to vote for the presidential candidate and parliamentary candidate of their choice.

Earlier today pastor oheneba Boamah revealed that there will be food poisoning all over the country as a results of the evil minds of some people.

He said that a group of people will bring a lot of food and money to station.

He also said that when you go to the polling station tomorrow don’t accept any food but you can accept the cash they give you and vote against them.

Who ever wins doesn’t matter because upon studying all the presidential candidates we can conclude that al of them are well qualified to govern the country.

Anyone wishing evil in the upcoming Ghanaians elections had already failed. This because the top two presidential candidate of the two major political parties are self disciplined.

This is the link to watch the video



Mr Riddims

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