This is what Mahama did to Amissah Arthur before his death” – Thomas Boafo

We were granted Another morning which happens to be 5th of December 2020 and Ghanaians are left with only 3 days to go to the poll.

This morning on the popular show on Wontumi television, one of the popular man of the new patriotic party NPP have made known some allegations about John Dramani Mahama as far as the issues about the late vice president Paa kwasi Amissah Arthur is concerned.

Paa kwesi Amissah Arthur was the Vice president of Ghana during the reign of John Dramani Mahama as the president of Ghana from 2012 to 2016. Unfortunately, Paa Akwesi Amissah Arthur pass away after they left office.

This morning, Mr. Thomas Kubi Boafo have revealed what John Dramani Mahama did to Amissah Arthur before his death.

According to Mr. Thomas Boafo, John Dramani Mahama has no much in depth knowledge when it comes to management and Amissah Arthur can does very well in management than John Dramani Mahama.

However, John Dramani Mahama never allowed Amissah Arthur to take charge of what he can do better for their governance to be in better position.

John Dramani Mahama never give chance for Amissah Arthur to do his work as the vice president of which he is well endowed with wisdom and ideas even more than John Dramani Mahama. This persisted and went on until they flopped with their governance and Nana Addo took over the administration of Ghana which is now in better position.

So John Dramani Mahama did not give room for Amissah Arthur to show forth of which he eventually pass away” – Thomas Boafo stated.

Below is the link to the words of Thomas Boafo live on Wontumi television this morning of the Affairs of the state Show.




Source: AmbitiousOfori/Riddims Ghana


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