UPP declares support for JM and NDC ahead of the December 7th elections

It is said in my local parlance that when your grandfather passes air and you also want to pass air on your grandfather, you may end up shitting on yourself. The NPP has ended up shitting on itself. The NPP has lied their way to power and has absolutely nothing to show after four years of power. A government that brags about building toilets as achievements has no business in power.

It is evident that the only achievement that the NPP can really boast of is what holds their breadth. Free Senior High School is the only lifeline or oxygen that keeps the NPP alive. I am sad as a Ghanaian today. I am sad that when the NPP is asked about their achievements, they sing in chorus like church nuns- FREE SHS and then they end with 4more!

Then I ask to do what exactly? Steal more. We must worry as a country about where this wasteful government is taking us. UP- North, the FREE SHSis so bad that most of the girls who are in the traffic light education system called FREE SHS are either pregnant or have become dumb for sitting at home for too long. That is what NPP and Nana-Addo has given to the North.

The results of the FREE SHS students is so bad Up-North that only four (4) students out of the 184 students who took the WASSCE exam passed. This is how bad the policy is. Just imagine the extra cost these poor parents will ensure to get their children to rewrite. It is a known fact that 70% of the FREE SHS students won’t be admitted into Tertiary Institutions. Is this not a waste of everyone’s time?

It becomes a national anthem for the Nana-Addo-Bawumia led NPP 2016 campaign when they went about billowing about how there’s so much money in Ghana and Ghana does not need to borrow to fund its budget. Fast forward 2020, the NPP regime borrowed 270bn cedis and has absolutely nothing to show for and no shame at all. But when we mention achievements the NPP choir sings FREE SHS, toilets etc.

What serious people will accept this fraud. Today, they eat their own words, have no shame to apologise to Ghanaians yet have the effrontery to tell Ghanaians to the face that it is okay to borrow. The matter that has become beans is the fact that they have nothing to show but toilets, FREE SHS. They did not even have the single patriotic instincts to at least complete the E-Blocks started by JM and the NDC to help ease the congestion in the Senior High Schools.

Since independence, the Gold Coast took on a very decent name. The name of a powerful medieval empire that shone in glory and glamour. The people have since chosen democracy, seen a few military regimes, scored a few bad names and back to democracy. Before 2016, there were far cries of corruption. JM and the NDC did its best even with prosecution.

The NPP upon assuming office has since given Ghana a new name, SCANDALS. From 2016 till date there has been a scandal for every day of the week earning Ghana a legendary status thus warranting a change of name to suit the new status and name of Ghana- SCANDALS. We have seen too much evidence to this effect. The Agyapa deal is still very fresh in our minds. Just now, there’s a new one, the GCB 52bn missing cash.

The Wontumi 45m dollars contract, the Auditor General forcefully asked to proceed on leave, the resignation of the SP and to top it all, a goal keeper president? I mean what more is there to point out. In all these no single person has been held accountable. Ah! least I forget, one man amassed 40million under 3 years as the PPA boss scandal. When they know they are about to be caught then they set national properties ablaze to cover their tracks. The list is endless. All these scandals revolve around Nana-Addo’s family.

Nepotism has been refined and owned by the Nana-Addo family and given a special coronation name. If you do not have an Akuffo, Ofori Atta attached to your name then you cannot get a juicy appointment or win a contract in Ghana or acquainted to Gabby Otchere Darko then forget it. What a shame!

Ghana has been reduced to a single clan. A small group of bandits who wants to own everything in Ghana regardless of the 30 million other people living in the same country. Ghana’s constitution preaches equality for all. This is certainly not the case in Ghana. It has become the case of “All for the few”

Thus, the UPP has searched within itself thoroughly and have come to the conclusion that the only way that this country can be saved is if it throws its support for John Dramani Mahama and the NDC. This conclusion was reached after considering the previous achievements of the Ex President and what the NDC has to offer Ghanaians in their manifesto promises.

It is thrite knowledge that when it comes to Infrastructure, the NDC is peerless with utmost regard to Dr. Nkrumah and the CPP because if John Mahama was given another term, I think he would have out performed the CPP. The NDC has build more roads, hospitals, interchanges some if which Nana-Addo has commissioned as his own like the Tema and Pokuase interchanges, schools(E-ocks, University, colleges etc), factories, solved dumsor, etc

Even though the NDC introduced the Progressively Free Senior High School credit must be given to the NPP for its full implementation. We have seen both policies and we can tell by the performance of the policy through the just ended WASSCE results that the call for Review of the FSHS is a great call in the right direction. The UPP supports this call as good and scarce money is not properly spent. JM’s promise to stop the double track system and build more schools is genuine and a better way to manage the FSHS policy.

Again, the Bigpush policy announced by the JM and the NDC is the single most ambitious infrastructure project needed by Ghana to fix it’s huge infrastructure deficit and lift Ghana to a competitive level. Examples abound of the NDC’s ability to deliver. This policy deserves the support of every well meaning Ghanaian who truly has the nation Ghana at heart. That we need to bridge this infrastructure deficit is a must and as far as this 7th December, 2020 elections are concerned the NDC and John Mahama is the only viable option. Thus, the UPP throws declares its support for John Mahama and the NDC.

Kyemup3/Ninyina policies are great policies for Tertiary students especially surviving through this dreaded corona virus. These policies will bring a lot of respite to parents who have to struggle through this pandemic to make ends meet.

It will be very insensitive of any government to demand a lot of fees from students for the 2021/2022 academic year. Thus, these policies demonstrate how compassionate a leader JM is and how he actually has students, parents at heart. These policies will safe both parents and students a lot of stress.

The NDC and JM has taken into consideration the lot that may have lost their jobs during these trying times. These policies are thoughtful and deserves commendation and the UPP supports them wholeheartedly.

Corruption was the decider of the 2016 elections. Four years down the line, the very NPP who campaign against corruption and promised to eliminate corruption has soaked itself in corruption. The NDC’s Operation sting policy to end corruption is sweet music to the ear and the UPP believes president Mahama will walk the talk because we have seen his actions against corruption. Same cannot be said of President Nana-Addo and the NPP. If I were to choose between two evils. I will choose the lesser evil in the person of ex-president Mahama.

Free primary health care will solve a lot of problems for the down trodden, the very ordinary and common people whose mandate the president acts on. Why must health be this expensive and only a privilege of the rich and opulent. If the NDC promises free primary health care for all with or without the use of the health insurance, the UPP thinks its a great call.

Thus by this write-up, the UPP throws its support for the NDC presidential candidate, John Dramani Mahama,for the 2020 General elections and the NDC in firm belief that if the NDC wins power and it will win, John Mahama and the NDC will be better positioned to help the many millions out of the plight.

For and on behalf of the Party.


Chief Bukari Kuoru.
General Secretary, UPP.




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