VIDEO: Driver of burnt STC buses give a blow by blow account of what happened

The Driver of the State Transport Company(STC) in the Volta Region whose bus was burnt has spoken to the media and given an account of what exactly happened.

He said at dawn he was sleeping in his bus when he heard a gunshot so to satisfy his curiosity, he came out of the bus to see what was going on.

When he got out of the car, he heard another gunshots and a subsequent setting ablaze of his bus.

He said he decided to run for his life but was accosted by one of the secessionists who asked him to lie down.

While on the ground, he was hit with the butt of a gun and was prompted to shout “don’t kill me, don’t kill me” for his life.

He said the secessionists left where he was for the Security man’s post where they asked for the keys to the buses but the Security man did not give in.

After they failed to get the keys, the moved into the offices and that gave them the opportunity to jump a wall and escaped before a combined team of armed police and military personnel could arrive




Mr Riddims

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