VIDEO: We’ve trained 4,300 Western Togoland ‘Dragons’ ready to declare independence – Commander

Western Togoland secessionists have said that they are trained over 4,000 Military men to take over their country in the shortest possible time.

In a video shared on social media, a leader of the Military is heard saying that they will be taking over their country soon and nothing can stop them from doing that.

According to the leader of their Military, their Military wing is called the Dragons and they are been trained in a nearby country.

He said after the training, they will move straight into their country and deliver them with the independence.

The leader of the Western Togoland Military revealed they should not be seen as rebels but rather be seen as well trained Military men who are discharging their lawful duties to their country.

“These are the dragons of Western Togoland Military Army. About 4,300 Dragons are been trained in a nearby country. They are ready to enter into their motherland Western Togoland. They are not rebels or militants. They are fully trained Military men. They are coming top deliver their motherland Western Togoland.”








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