Watch how a lady with two vagina narrates her story .|Video|.

The mother of one girl who defied all odds after doctors claim she can’t conceive gave birth to a little girl.
The lady identified as Elizabeth Amoa stated that she was diagnosed with uterus didelphys after battling with various diseases.

Uterus Didelphys means one with 2 cervixes, two vagina and two wombs. The person will have severe pains such as stomach pains, back pain, vaginal thrusts, strange menstrual circle among others.

She was later on also diagnosed with uterine Fibroid due to the Uterus Didelphys
Elizabeth who was born different was told she can’t give birth due to her condition.
But after battling the condition over years, Elizabeth happens to give birth to a baby girl

Watch the video below.

http://Living With Two Vaginas | BORN DIFFERENT:


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