We can’t have sex because we share one room with our 24-year-old daughter – Man reveals

As intimate as sex is, it is obvious that no couple would want to do that in the presence of their children.

Isaac Amedu and his wife, Georgina Coffie live at Tema in a tiny container with their 24-year-old daughter. Isaac’s goods were stolen at his house and has not been able to restock them. As a result, he is jobless. Georgina also sells toothpaste at Ashaiman market.

In a chat with SVTV Africa, Isaac indicated that they haven’t had sexual intercourse for two years due to their current situation.

“We haven’t had time for ourselves for over two years now. Our daughter sleeps here with us and she is not a child so it is impossible,” Isaac said.

Georgina added that they would love to move out of their current place of abode. They live there on borrowed time and risk demolition. Moreover, they are robbed often as well.

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