We will make poverty history – Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka declares


The Chairperson of the Anamase Royal Alliance Council, Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka, has declared an ambitious plan to make poverty a thing of the past among his people, and in essence, in the country.

With a plan to set the right fundamentals in place, place children on the right paths in their education, he is optimistic this dream will become a reality soon.

It is his hope also that he can do this without the need to depend on political leadership.

“It is incumbent on all of us to encourage children to focus on education as a tool to end inter-generational poverty and the cycle of hopelessness. We must assist through the anti-poverty program to identify the poorest of the poor in our communities so that the necessary interventions are made to uplift and improve their living conditions.

“We must ensure that education becomes a community issue by encouraging the children to take subjects that will grow our economy so that we make poverty history and overcome critical skills challenge,” he said.

Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka made this known during the launching and the inauguration of the Anamase Royal Alliance Council, which is an alliance formed between the people of Anamase and the people of Obliman.

This alliance also hopes to create international opportunities for the people of the Anamase and Obliman, through the use of their rich natural resources, skills, qualifications, culture, and society.

The Alliance also hopes to be able to attract the right people to support their developmental agenda, while making the Anamase royalty a vibrant and culturally potent one.

“It reminds us that we should remain unshaken by the enormity of challenges to conquer poverty and underdevelopment that still beset many of our people in the underdeveloped rural areas most of which are within the jurisdiction of traditional leadership. Together, we must continue to champion the hopes of thousands of Ghanaians who cherish a better life, peace, equity, and justice” he urged.

The mission of the Council is to be a “Royal traditional council for infrastructural development, security, and protection of Anamase natural resources, foreign affairs, and environmental sustainability.”

The 15-member Council is made up of members from both ends of the divide and is tasked with the duty of eradicating poverty, helping the youth through the introduction of innovative ideas, and ensure that they enact programs that would not make their people independent of the support that the government gives to the citizenry.

Stephen Ansah

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