Who Ever Attend To The Allege Church Bought By Agradaa, Should Automatically Consider Him Or Herself Going To Hell – Evangelist Koomson Hint

The head pastor of Christ Apostolic Church ( C.A.C) at Baabianiha circuit in Jaman south munulicipal in the Bono region, Envangelist Koomson has today join his colleges Envangelists and pastors who are expressing their views on the former popular fetish priest in Ghana, Nana Agradaa’s repentance.

To Envangelist Koomson, the attitude of Nana Agradaa clearly indicate that she is not born again as she claims,. Therefore,who ever joins her and attend to alledge church bought to be operating from is lost and should consider him or herself to be going to hell

Backing his claims, Envangelist Koomson said, the faluire of Nana Agradaa to set ablaze all her idols clearly indicate that, she has not repent .

Again,”why didn’t she joins his spiritual father’s church,her husband’s church or any church of her choice, but ruther prefer to operate her own church. “she asked” It therefore creat the suspesion that, she will be working with these Idols left to decive and win souls for her gods

He finally caution Ghanians not to allow themselves for Agradaa to full them for the second time because she is a camaleon, she has just brand herself in a new style with same ideology, attitude and activities.

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Source: RiddimsGhana

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