Education is as important as any other thing we value. You might join the mass that says ” Education is the key”. The simple question is, “if education ramains the key, what then is the road to success?”. You might have failed many a hundred times but mind you! It doesn't warrant you to wander around chasing every breeze that blows your way. Neither does it mean you cannot be successful in life.


It has been a popular axiom today that “ Failing in school means you are a potential candidate to live a miserable life”. Such a saying is simply a trivial lie although in this century, we have a millions of deep-seated education minded parents as well as children supporting it. Scientifically, it has been confirmed that no two brains are the same. It was later authenticated by one Teacher who made his students look through a window and made them write an essay on what they can see. Moments later, he made them read what they have written so far and the results only proved that no two brains are the same and we have Individual perspectives.

Albert Einstein, the noble prize winning Physician failed in all his subjects and passed only Mathematics and Physics. How has education been the key? A mere prattle without practise that only aims at testing our memory? Memory has no connection with capabilities. Once I identify myself as a farmer but cannot imbibe bookish theories has no connection with how successful I will be. Education might be said to be the key but going the long way to call it the key to success, it is likewise saying the inability of a fish to walk on land simply mean it is useless.
Education has been the key over the years to unlock potentials. Of course, Plato says “ Education is the turning of the eyes from darkness unto light”. Scholars like Emile Durkhem, John Cage and others have coined zillions of definitions for it. Contemporarily, a civilized society is backboned by improved standard of Education. How would you refer to people like Einstein who fails all the time but scores greatly in some subjects? Misfits ? Then such is a dysfunctional society.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Colonel Harland Sanders overcame his lack of education to become the biggest drumstick in the fried chicken business. After dropping out of elementary school, Sanders worked many jobs, including firefighter, steamboat driver, and insurance salesman. Sanders’ cooking and business experience helped him make millions as the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, now KFC where you spend your night with your loved ones or hangout with the boys to kill stress after a hectic semester. Education has no warrant to judge our future.

Moreover, the other side of the coin is so pathetic a story to tell, let alone documenting it to be read by generations. Education is the key. Yes, laudable uttering these but why would you depend solely on education as your only key while your own eyesight sometimes deceives you? There are people who invested their time in getting educated so that they grab tickets for one of those white-collar jobs. Why is it that Education is said to be the key that we followed to receive it? After receiving it, finds no door afore us to open. They then resort to riots of being unemployed. The proberb reads “ Don’t put all your eggs in one basket ”. Education is the key to unlock potentials but not up to standard to the word “ Success ”.

Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba and of course, one of the billionaires in the history of human race told his son “ You don’t need to be in top three in your class, being in the middle is fine so far as your grades aren’t bad. Only this type of person has time to learn other skills” Such an interesting stuff. Stop imagining how great you will someday be by looking at your grades. Success is what you do with the said key you are searching for, how you use it to improve upon your standard of living, as well as how others benefit from it. Remember always, what you have is for the benefit of others. Stay tuned…


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