$170 million judgment debt: A future NDC gov’t will investigate and punish culprits – Sammy Gyamfi


The communications officer of the National Democratic congress has asserted that a future NDC government will investigate and punish all officials of the NPP administration who are involved in the GPGC 170 million dollars’ judgement debt.

Addressing a press conference at the party headquarters in Accra on Monday 28th June, 2021, Mr. Gyamfi said the NDC as a party “are very sad that all of us as Ghanaians will have to cough up this colossal amount of money, USD$170 million, which is equivalent to GHS1.2 billion cedis or 10.2 trillion Old Ghana cedis and which accrues interest daily, compounded on a monthly basis. This colossal amount could have been channeled into the construction of thousands of dormitories and classroom blocks to end the obnoxious double-track system which is
undermining the quality of secondary and tertiary education in the country, or the provision hospital beds and other facilities to end the much-dreaded no-bed syndrome which is claiming so many precious lives”.

Mr. Gyamfi stated “alternatively, this huge sum of money could have been used to build roads and for other useful projects that would have created jobs and improved the wellbeing of Ghanaians. The perpetrators of this evil must not go unpunished”.

The NDC emphasised that the decision of the NPP led government to cancel the Ghana Power Generation Company (GPGC) contract on the basis of excess power capacity charges is false.

“The question we want to ask those who keep disturbing our ears with this propaganda about excess capacity charges is; why has the Akufo-Addo/Bawumia government extended the duration of the Karpower PPA executed by the NDC/Mahama government
from 10-20 years and that of Cenpower from 5-10 years if the claim about excess capacity charges is true? The NDC stated.

In what appears as an intriguing revelation Mr. Sammy Gyamfi stressed, “the Minister for Energy, Mathew Opoku Prempeh, asked for Ghana to increase its generational capacity. As we speak, a steel manufacturing company in Ghana,
B5 Limited, which is currently the biggest in Africa, is operating at 30% capacity due to lack of power. Where then lies the claim that Ghana is paying for power we don’t need?

In conclusion he said, “friends from the media, even if the Akufo-Addo/Bawumia government thought that the country didn’t need the 107MW of installed capacity the GPGC EPA was supposed to provide or that the country could not export same for revenue as the Mahama administration had planned, the wisest thing for them to have done was to have negotiated and deferred the implementation of the Agreement, just as they claim to have done in the case of four (4) other PPAs.

Terminating the Agreement on the basis of contrived reasons which they knew could not be sustained and could potentially occasion a judgement debt
and financial loss to the state was not an option. After all, the maintenance and
performance of the Agreement would have caused the nation only USD$99.6 million, with the possibility of the State exporting same for revenue”.



By: Agaatorne Douglas Asaah/RiddimsGhana



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