Concern Citizens In Fanteakwa South District Send Letter To Nana Addo

We greet you, H.E NANA ADDO DANQUAH AKUFFO ADDO in the name of God(Allah). We continue to pray that the Lord Almighty grants you strength and wisdom from Above to lead Mother Ghana to the desired development status we continue to yearn for. May God(Allah) help you to initiate policies that will alleviate the poverty on the ordinary Ghanaian.

H.E, your vision of leading Ghana to the path of sustainable development can only be achieved if the right persons who have the development of the country and their districts as their topmost priority are selected to represent you at the local level. That is, those who represent you must share in your vision and again exhibit your attitude towards development. The Fanteakwa South District, after it was carved from the Fanteakwa District was fortunate and continue to be fortunate to have a TRUE PATRIOT leading the district as DCE. HON. KWASI AGYABENG NTORI has justified the confidence you reposed in him and has worked to the satisfaction of all and sundry.

H.E, although Fanteakwa South District is a young district, the development projects we have had under the able leadership of Hon. KWASI AGYABENG NTORI is commendable. We are not saying all our development needs have been met but we believe maintaining Hon. KWASI AGYABENG NTORI will be a great opportunity for him to build on the foundation he has laid for the Fanteakwa South District in terms of development.

H.E, another reason why Hon KWASI AGYABENG NTORI must be maintained is his unflinching love and support for the party before, during and after 7th December, 2020 presidential and parliamentary elections. It is on records that most MCEs/DCEs campaigned vigorously against the Party’s chosen parliamentary candidate in the recently held elections.

The results of those actions by some MCEs/DCEs is the GREAT NPP lossing most of our parliamentary seats in those areas and the subsequent election of someone from the opposition as the Speaker of Parliament. In the Fanteakwa South Constituency there was an Independent candidate who was from the NPP. His candidature posed a big threat to the victory of the party in the parliamentary race.

Most of the members of the party gave their support to the Independent Candidate.We were aware that our Member of Parliament did not perform to the satisfaction of the people but but Hon KWASI AGYABENG NTORI stood very firm for the party. Whiles most people including we the members of KYER3 WADWEN Group criticized the MP of doing less in terms of lobbying for development projects, Hon KWASI AGYABENG NTORI credited every single development project initiated by the District Assembly to the MP just to ensure that the GREAT NPP secures the Fanteakwa South Seat. Hon KWASI AGYABENG NTORI did not rest a single day. He spent all resources available to him to ensure that the GREAT NPP wins the Fanteakwa South Seat.

The people in the Constituency wondered if he was the one contesting in the parliamentary race. We can say on authority that if it was not the timely intervention of people like Hon KWASI AGYABENG NTORI the GREAT NPP would have lost the Fanteakwa South Seat and the party would have formed Minority in Parliament by now.
Furthermore H.E, one important reason why Hon KWASI AGYABENG NTORI should be maintained is his good working relationship with all the traditional rulers in the District. Traditional rulers play important roles in the development of the local area and to get a DCE who submits and respects their roles help to attract more development projects for the District. Hon KWASI AGYABENG NTORI has performed tremendously when it comes to maintaining a cordial relationship with the traditional rulers.

H.E, one unique thing about Hon KWASI AGYABENG NTORI is how strong and energetic he is despite his age. Although Hon KWASI AGYABENG NTORI is advanced in terms of age, he is able to perform his duties with all the energy it requires. Indeed he has justified that he was a great sportsman in his youthful days. This fact totally dismisses the assertion of few stomach-led politicians , especially some constituency executives in the Fanteakwa south who are fighting against his second term bid on the grounds of age. We believe that the only yardstick that should be used in assessing Hon KWASI AGYABENG NTORI is his performance.

H.E, in terms of development projects, Hon KWASI AGYABENG NTORI has performed. In the area of love and commitment to party, Hon KWASI AGYABENG NTORI has over performed. When it comes to collaborating with all stakeholders, Hon KWASI AGYABENG NTORI has been excellent. In terms of putting the development of the district ahead of personal gains, Hon KWASI AGYABENG NTORI does not have a match in the Fanteakwa South District.

H.E, during your tour of the Eastern Region and for that matter the Fanteakwa South District in November 2020, you made a very inspiring statement which influenced your victory in the December 2020 elections. You told all your audience to judge you by the work you have done as President since Ghanaians gave you the mandate and if you have been a good servant of the nation, then your mandate should be renewed. Indeed because you are a man of actions and performance, Ghanaians renewed your mandate. We know that you believe in good performance and using that as the yardstick, Hon KWASI AGYABENG NTORI is the best individual to be selected as the DCE of our young district that is competing with the others for sustainable development. Ensuring continuity is very necessary for our collective development as a district. May God (Allah) bless you and give you strength, wisdom, and courage to continue to lead Mother Ghana to the Promised Land.


Sign :
Yaw Barimah a.k.a Okonko 0556009921
Kwasi Gabriel 0591977170



Source: Riddims Ghana

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