Guess! We Will Retire You On December 7th: We Don’t Care Anymore – Prophet Kofi Oduro Boldly Declares

Prophet Kofi Oduro
Prophet Kofi Oduro

President and head pastor of the Alabaster International Ministry, Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro has boldly declared to his church members to retire some politicians in the country by voting wisely in the upcoming December 2020 election.

At a church service from his auditorium on Sunday, 22 November, 2020, Prophet Kofi Oduro bemoaned why a country like Ghana, has no single dual carriage highway.

According to him political leadership over the years, have failed this country with poor roads, hospitals, schools and many others.

He told his church members to vote for leaders who are capable of changing the developmental fortunes of Ghana, and not people with good looks. He adds that political party colors should not be the basis for choosing leaders any longer in Ghana.

“The people in power should know that we the electorates, can deny or vote for you. The people can stand up collectively and reject you. Your policies and promises do not matter to us anymore. We can retire you if we want, on December 7th 2020. Yes, we have the right to do so. We don’t care about your political party. We have to get better schools and hospitals. Look at the Tema motorway, this road was constructed with concrete by Kwame Nkrumah, and when recently part of it got damaged, they used bitumen to fix it. Are we okay in this country at all? we will retire them come December. Let’s vote for excellence”. Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro noted.

Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro added that God has given him a prophecy about the elections, and he will deliver it next week at his church.

“God cannot fail this time. God has given me a prophetic message to be delivered to Ghana. it is about what the Lord has for Ghana in the next four years.

There is a word from God to Ghanaians next week. I will tell you the seven solid things you must consider before you vote. But we need peace, so we have to conduct this election with care”. He noted.


Credit: BeaNana