I didn’t embezzle NPP campaign funds – NPP Youth Organizer rejects suspension over corruption

Suspended Youth Organizer of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Nabdam Constituency of the Upper East region, Lawrence Agengre says he will not accept the suspension.

Mr. Agengre was suspended for diverting funds meant for campaign ahead of the 2020 elections in the constituency.

But speaking in an interview, he denied the allegations peddled against him indicating that it is borne out of hatred for him by the Upper East regional Chairman, Nabdam Chairman and other leadership of the party in the Constituency.

Lawrence Agengre denied claims that he diverted cash because the monies for elections were given to a team and not just him so it beats his imagination that his name came up in a petition written to the party’s leadership in the region.

“The campaign money wasn’t handed to me as an individual but as an electoral area campaign team which I belong to. The regional chairman gave the money for the house-to-house campaign but he did not give it to me as an individual whereby I could be accused of pocking the money or diverting it. We were in a meeting with the other campaign team members when he handed over the money all of us. It is therefore surprising that the petitioners are accusing me as an individual of diverting the money.”

On the legality of his suspension, he noted that the part did not act according to the NPP constitution which stipulates that he’s given a fair hearing.

“The party leadership did not do due diligence. If they had perused the whole petition that was forged and gone though the withdrawal letter, the disclaimer and the campaign team members’ letter, it would have given them a clear understanding that the petition didn’t have any substance for them to use in suspending me. That is why in my view and with all these facts that I’ve gathered; it’s making me not to accept the suspension because there is a witch-hunt.

I don’t accept the suspension because according to Article 3 clause of the party’s constitution, they should have given me a fair hearing; and if I was found culpable, then they could come out with the suspension. But since that was not done, I don’t accept the suspension because there was no fair hearing,” he said.

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