If John Mahama Wants’ To Win December Election, Then NDC Must Defend This Before December


Many people have decided not to post anything on their timeline regarding the United State Elections until after the winner has been declared.

The good people of United State of America have spoken. What is your take in what is happening currently in United State of America? What is your concern as compare Ghanaian general election, since 1992 till what we are about to experience again here in December?

Many Ghanaian have been thinking about how Ghana can make a change and put an end to two terms traditional ways system of governance. Can a good people of Ghana do the same thing? Are the two countries, that is United of America and republic of Ghana doing the same thing? Can you all remember the actions of Donald Trump at the time he was in office?

You remember Donald Trump’s direct attacks on his White House Staff ,especially the media team. Nobody cares for that behavior. Is this how democracy work? What did see at the end?

The good people of Ghana also experienced such thing when some media Men were attacked and beaten seriously here in Ghana. The former president of the republic of Ghana John Dramani Mahama also did one term in office when he was a knockout.

When the former president Mahama was in office, he was behaving rudely just like exactly what Donald Trump was doing then. At the time citizens were asking for jobs and employment, the president then said,”He was not a magician to create job” at the time the households and factories were complaining about abnormal increase in the electricity tariff, the president then said,” they should stop charging their android phones and enjoy stable power”.

When the people were again talking about increase in the fuel prices in Ghana but decrease in the world market, he said to the good people of Ghana,” they private car owners should kindly pack their cars and used TROTRO”? What was the action of Ghanaian president when such things happened?

When Ghanaian tax payers money was used by John Mahama ministers for coconuts l, what did the president do? Who was prosecuted, jailed or punished, nobody but the offenders are freely walking on the streets of Ghana

Look at the passion at which the former president gives Ghanaian Diamond to his brothers companies.

Are good people of Ghana aware of the things that are going bad?

So I ask myself what differentiate Donald Trump from the former president John Dramani Mahama

Let us share our humble concerns and comment here.

Please, kindly share to see the opinions of the others.