Less recognize political parties in Ghana must form a strong union to take over NPP and NDC for change and development – Kwabena Yeboah

Founder of a pressure group known as Speak Your Mind movement Mr. Kwabena Yeboah has stated that, New patriotic Party and National Democratic Congress being the two renowned political parties in Ghana are now handicap in implementation of ideas to the development of the country therefore the need for Ghanaians to kick them out for different political party to rule the country with different ideas.

He has advised the various lesser political parties to come under one umbrella to form a strong political party to combat NPP and NDC for change and development. He said that, the less recognize political parties lacks the resources, parliamentary candidates in some constituencies, members and supporters to win the Presidential seat, however coming together to form a strong union will help them develop strong party to fight against the two largest parties in the country.

He added that, the motive for every political party in the country is to attain power to rule over the country in the name of generating ideas for Development agenda therefore coming together of the various less parties will develop positive impact on the governance of Ghana.

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Story By: Kwaku Mensah Abrampa / RiddimsGhana


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