Patriotic Voices Condemns Minority MPs Behavior In Parliament On 2022 Budget


Patriotic Voices, a group that seeks to trumpet the good deeds of the Government to Ghanaians and the international community at large is adding its voice to the debate going on about the 2022 budget.

Budgets, we believe, are made to outline government’s expected incomes and expenditures for a stipulated period and also give a hint on how these incomes would be generated. In Ghana and most third world countries, governments have mostly relied on TAXES, EXTERNAL BORROWING, AID and GRANTS to run the country. It means therefore that if any one of these is missing the country will not be able to finance its budget and run the country effectively.

Since the beginning of the Fourth Republic, Ghana and Ghanaians have been faced with the hard choice of running to the IMF at the least opportunity. Because of our over-dependence on the IMF and our Donor Partners, we have been made robots and have always accept their conditionalities, sometimes against our cultures and upbringings.

The government of the day has times without number made it clear that it wants to see a Ghana without aid. If we buy into this idea then we of the Patriotic Voices believe that this is the time to stand up and be counted. The Opposition NDC has said on countless occasions that the government is borrowing too much and our debt burden is becoming too heavy. We believe as a responsible opposition, the NDC would suggest a better way to get money into the kitty to prosecute government’s agenda and a responsive government like the NPP would then listen. In the present situation, the NDC is opposed to BORROWING and at the same time to TAXES. How then will the government run the country?

A total rejection of the budget is in the least a total betrayal of the country. The MPs that are calling for the rejection of the budget are only thinking of making the country ungovernable, an agenda set by Elder Ofosu Ampofo years back! If the budget is thrown overboard, there will be no salaries paid to our hard working teachers, our dedicated nurses and doctors, our faithful civil servants and above all, all government programs will come to a standstill. Perhaps the NDC think that if the government is MADE to fail, people will go out and vote them into power.
Wrong. We have seen through their intentions and we have become wiser.

We believe the E-Tax is going to be the panacea that is going to solve most of our problems. In the past if we wanted to undertake a project in our communities every able-bodied person above 18 was made to contribute something, apart from the communal labor that we did periodically. In this way many of our projects were undertaken. In those days, people were taught to be patriotic citizens in the community. If we want to wean ourselves from the IMF and the international lending institutions then the surest way to go is to paddle our own canoe. Let us show some sense of patriotism, let us try to build a future for the unborn generations. Let us start now. Why would the international community not force things like Gay Rights, Lesbianism and other unprintable isms down our throats when we continue to depend on them for our dailybread?

NDC, support the budget or step aside. This budget has the promise of giving the youth something to be proud of. The youth need jobs badly and this budget addresses Youth Unemployment in a way no previous government did. It is a budget of hope and a budget to help us wean ourselves from the wolves outside who give us with their right hand and take it back tenfold, with the left. Some things cannot and must not wait. We cannot borrow, so say the NDC, and we cannot tax ourselves. So where do we go from here? Quo vadis?

And now this chaotic behavior by the NDC Parliamentarians in parliament! It is a crying shame, to say the least. We cannot take this lying low. They must know that parliament is guided by rules and regulations.


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