Resource The Party’s Social Media Communication Army With Monthly Data For Effective Communication

It becomes necessary I put it into writing to draw our National Communication Directorate attention to the need to empowering the party communicators monthly to keep up with the trends for effective communication that will give us results.

Haven monitored platforms, behind the scenes, calls for assistance and complaints from our comrades helping the party in party social media activities, it will be wise a better package is budgeted to pushing many into great works for the party for victory.


The economic hardships, cost of data and living really having devastating effects on most comrades who are not gainfully employed and it will be of necessity to at least get them monthly data bundle.

One Press Conference budget can empower many in a month.

For me, I do spend not less than 200gh on data bundle monthly, I am able to afford because by the grace of God I am working, but what about most comrades who are not privileged like some of us? They are trying their best to keeping the party visible on social media and I pray our communication directorate get lists of such hard-working social media comrades across the Constituencies so they can be assisted with little to doing more for the party.


Yeah, the party can’t do all but at least showing little concerns will motivate them more to doing more. Our Hon MPs, former Appointees, we pray you to help role out such scheme to helping the communication directorate to making it possible.

Most constituencies having difficulties to getting people to representing the party on radio programs due to such unavailability of support system for the party communication wing. It is not too late, things can be done now and going forward to preparing the ground for victory.


I believe, this humble appeal and suggestions receive the needed attention for effective campaign for victory 2024 with JM.✍️☑️👏🙏



 Bismark Kwabla Kpobi

 Branch Communication officer.



Source: RiddimsGhana.com


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