Three proposals Kweku Baako wants NPP to reject at conference

From polling station executives to the Presidency, all those who matter in the governing New Patriotic Party are currently in Kumasi for the party’s annual conference.

The conference is regarded as the highest decision-making body of the party and as such when they meet, key decisions are taken on how the party can strengthen itself.

This year’s edition of the conference has generated keen interest owing to some sweeping proposals recommended by various factions in the party for approval.

The recommendation per an admission by the General Secretary of the party are 91 but only 38 have been submitted for amendment by conference.

Among the 38, three have gained national attention due to suspicion of them benefitting one of the two leading candidates for the presidential race.

Veteran journalist, Kweku Baako Jr. has had his bite of the three proposals and he believes the party will be shooting itself in the foot if its accepts them.

Below are the three and Baako’s position

Selecting flagbearer two years ahead of elections

It has been reported that there is a proposal from the Northern Regional branch of the party to have it review the one-year interval for the election of presidential aspirant for the party.

The proponents of this rule argue that electing the candidate two years ahead will enable the party heal wounds and also embark on an effective campaign.

Kweku Baako, on Newsfile on Saturday, argued that ‘if it’s not broken, why fix it’. He holds that the current timeframe is enough and should not be altered.

He warned the party to be careful with some of the recommended changes.

“It is unsustainable and not in their interest. They should abandon it.”

Expand Nasara representation on voting college

There is a proposal by the current Nasara coordinator of the party, Aziz Haruna Futah, for the party to enlarge the number of persons from Zongo communities who form the college for the election of the presidential candidate of the NPP.

Kweku Baako argues that the proposal raises suspicion of a certain candidate benefitting if accepted and that it will be against the party’s interest for that to happen.

He explains that the proposal which will see the number of Nasara coordinators rise from 300 to 38, 622 could prove to be the party’s Achilles’ heel if accepted.

“This Nasara thing is creating some under-currents and I would advise them to be very cautious how they go about it. Within their own environment the thing I’m hearing is that it is to favour one person which in this case is the president.”

Persons interest in vying for positions should resign from government

Baako wants President Akufo-Addo to crack the whip on appointees who are campaigning for positions ‘prematurely.

He holds that their conduct does not bode well for the government and the party.

Those showing their presidential ambitions prematurely, my advice to the president is that if mid-next year intelligence point to the fact it is continuing, he should reshuffle all of them.

Source: ghanaweb.com


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