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I Agree With Shatta Wale- Manasseh Azure Awuni On Black Sherif Comparison

Manasseh Azure Awuni has said in a new update on Facebook that he agrees with Shatta Wale when he said Black Sherif whose astronomical rise in the industry has impressed everyone, should not be compared to him or any other established acts.

In a recent post that sought to clarify a previous he made about the relevance of Ghanaian and Nigerian artistes abroad, the Ghanaian journalist of international repute said although he sided with Shatta Wale on what he said, there are some aspects of his mindset that still needs evaluation.

Manasseh posted;

I agree with Shatta Wale that we should not compare Black Sherif to other established musicians. We should allow him to grow and chart his own path. Very brilliant advice!.

The other part of his post also read;

Black Sherif’s “Kwaku The Traveller” is reported to have hit number one on Apple Music chart Nigeria. Six days after posting the music on his official YouTube, it has close to ONE MILLION views. If added to the tens and hundreds of thousands of views and downloads on other platforms, he is running into several millions of online views in less than a week.

I, however, disagree with anyone who thinks that filling a stadium in Ghana is enough to “ Nigerians!”The world is your stage. Go out there and conquer it. Don’t limit yourself.

And, oh, did those of you who said BBC’s sports journalists were not the right people to consider when looking at whether they knew Ghanaian artists or not?

Well, those same sports journalists were the ones who said they knew Davido and Wizkid. And sports journalists around the world who are not music enthusiasts would still have seen Davido last week.

I was happy to see Davido, a fellow West African, perform at the Qatar 2022 World Cup draw. I would have been happier to see my fellow Ghanaians there.

I hope we get there soon. But the mentality must change first.We should not be satisfied being on top of Afadzato when we have what it takes to reach out and shatter the sun.Kudos to Black Sherif, and to all those breaking boundaries in diverse ways to plant the flag of Ghana at the centre of the globe.





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