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Football betting in Ghana has taken a new turn in recent years as there are now multiple betting operators.

Football betting in Ghana has taken a new turn in recent years as there are now multiple betting operators. This is due to the huge demand and concentration of football lovers and punters in the country. Not only has it created a boom in the sports betting industry, but it has also put smiles on the faces of various Ghanaian football fans. To ensure a blissful football betting experience Ghanaians have taken to football prediction websites.

These football prediction websites offer in-depth analysis and pre-match information which
serve as a valuable guide to sports bettors and football lovers. The difference between a
winning ticket and a losing one often comes down to how much research and information a
punter has available to him. However, carrying out this research is time-consuming and can be overwhelming, which led to the popularity of football prediction websites. In this article, we take a look at Ghana Tips, a leading football prediction website in Ghana and the reasons why they retain the trust of professional punters in Ghana.

Football betting in Ghana has taken a new turn in recent years as there are now multiple betting operators. 2

Ghanatips Predictions

Ghanatips is a modern sports betting outfit that gives punters and football lovers an insight into the likely outcomes of footballing events around the world. The website does this by giving daily football prediction tips to its users and subscribers to increase their chances of making a profit.

The football predictions offered by Ghanatips are arrived at through a hybrid process that
involves mathematical calculations of team data and expert opinion.
The beauty of this hybrid prediction system is that it employs computer algorithms to calculate and analyze data which would otherwise be mind-boggling and time-consuming to humans and individual punters.

However, through its computer algorithms, the website can provide timely and up to date football predictions with reduced margins for error. Also, by comparing and combining the computer-generated predictions with their expert picks, ghanatips is able to trim its predictions to those with the highest chance of winning.

Football betting in Ghana has taken a new turn in recent years as there are now multiple betting operators. 3

While the website is popularly known for football predictions in Ghana, punters will also find
other sports and fun games like basketball, boxing and casino information on ghanatips. This makes it a one-stop spot for football news and predictions as well as an information hub on other popular sports in Ghana. In addition to this, punters can also access the best odds on each footballing event in real-time from the website by tapping on the odds shown by the predictions. This action also makes punters eligible for promotions on the bookmakers’ pages.

In a bid to ensure credibility and integrity, the website limits its predictions to events that meet its 85% likelihood test. Thus, winning bets with ghanatips is a regular occurrence and this explains the love they receive from Ghanaians. Additionally, past football predictions and their final outcomes are available on the website for all to see and gauge the success rate of the hybrid prediction system. The predictions on ghanatips website are free and accessible to all without payment.

This is an essential feature that leaves many punters glued to the prediction site as
quality football statistics and predictions across several European and African leagues can be accessed without a subscription fee.

What Separates Ghanatips From Other Football Prediction


With the prominence levels of football betting in Ghana, there are multiple football prediction websites to choose from, all with their unique features. Here, we consider some of the reasons why Ghanatips stands out from the rest when it comes to football predictions in Ghana.
Ghanatips predictions are free. No payment is required to gain access to football
predictions on the website
Ghanatips predictions are calculated through a hybrid prediction system that involves
expert picks and computer algorithms
● Records of football predictions as well as information on other sports are available on
the website

● The predictions on the website follow a ‘quality over quantity’ rule, with a focus on
predictions that have a probability of 85% or more
● Punters can keep track of the latest changes in odds via the ghanatips predictions page
Ghanatips offers a customer rewarding programme that makes its users eligible for
promos and bonuses by bookmakers when they click on the odds next to the predictions
● Not only do you increase your chances of winning football bets by using ghanatips, but
you also qualify to win an Everton jersey signed by Alex Iwobi.

Football betting in Ghana has taken a new turn in recent years as there are now multiple betting operators. 4

All of the above features and more come with opening and subscribing to Ghanatips predictions, for free too. Little wonder why punters.


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