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Breaking: Trump To Be Banned From Using Facebook and Instagram Indefinitely

U.S President Donald John Trump has finally been punished for his tomfoolery by the social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.

Chief Executive Officer of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg in a statement has announced that Trump would be off the platform indefinitely for inciting violence amongst his supporters.

In case you’re not on planet Earth, the U.S Capitol building which houses both chambers of Parliament was stormed on Wednesday, Janaury 6th by pro-Trump protestors.

They stormed the Capitol during a joint session of Congress to certify the results of the November elections which elected Joe Biden.

The session was prematurely ended as the protestors stormed the building, breaking windows and breaking into the office of some MP’s.

In the aftermath of the attack, Twitter and Facebook banned Trump for posts he made inciting the attack.

Mark Zuckerberg has now made it clear that Trump would remain off his platforms indefinitely, whilst Twitter has allowed him back on the site after deleting his inciteful tweets.

Trump at the moment has only 13 more days in office, and there are already reports that he would be banned from these platforms once he leaves office.

It appears his own actions has moved that timeline up.


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