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Cameroon condemns rising attacks on police officers

Cameroon’s Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji has condemned a wave of violent attacks on police officers by civilians in the central African nation.

“Insulting or assaulting a police officer on duty or refusing to obey instructions is unacceptable,” Nji told a press conference in the capital, Yaounde on Friday.

His remarks came after videos of civilians brawling with police officers because of misunderstanding at police check points and other places in various parts of the country went viral.

The minister said the police are the backbone of the force safeguarding public security and rule of law.

“Irresponsible” citizens who disrespect or attack security officers shall be sanctioned as provided for by the law, Nji said, adding that the punishment ranges from one year imprisonment to death sentence depending on the offence. Enditem


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