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Soldier jailed for forcing junior recruits to stand on a chair naked

A senior British soldier has been jailed and kicked out of the Army after he forced junior recruits to take part in a naked initiation ceremony.

Rifleman Kieran Trewin, 26, admitted running the humiliating event, described as ‘naked icebreakers’, and forcing young soldiers to stand on a chair and strip off in front of up to 20 colleagues.

They were then quizzed about their sex lives and girlfriends, while father-of-one Trewin ‘slapped’ their genitals, a court martial was told.

The young soldiers – who had all recently joined – were also forced to box each other ‘completely naked’ other than the boxing gloves they had been given.

A military court at Tidworth Garrison, Wiltshire, heard that the ceremony was held behind locked doors in a kitchen at the 1st Regiment, The Rifles barracks in Chepstow, close to the border with England and Wales.

The two-day court martial heard up to 20 soldiers had been enjoying drinks outside a block before heading inside to continue drinking in a company kitchen.

Once in the kitchen, however, six junior soldiers were instructed to stand on a chair in front of the rest of the company and ‘strip’ until they were ‘completely naked’.

One junior soldier refused to take part in the ritual, and left for his room, the court heard.

But the rest did what they were told.

One of the soldiers – who cannot be named for legal reasons – said: ‘The night was not a regular occurrence, and at first I thought it was a social event…

‘Our names were called out and we went to the front… I didn’t know this was going to happen, it caught me by surprise.


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