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Plagiarism in the Bible: The Flood story (Noah’s Ark) is not original but a stolen story.

Plagiarism in the Bible.

Being religious or nonreligious, we have been taught from the day we began to speak and hear to believe the story of a flood which happen way back in history and wiped everything from the surface of the earth. We were taught to believe that, this flood story in the Christian religious book which wiped everything leaving only eight people (Noah, his wife, his three male children and the wives of his children) is the only flood story which has ever happened in history.

There is no doubt that a person in power will never give you the needed education to overtake power from him or her. The religious and educational system only give us the education which will help to keep us as slaves and followers forever. It is up to us to dig deep to discover and uncover histories that will help us become the kings and queens we used to be.

Let’s get it clear here, the flood story in the bible will not date up to 5,000 years from the time it happened up to now. We have pyramids here in Africa which are more than 10,000 years. Now tell me if the flood really happened? If yes, did it wipe everything from the surface of the earth as the story states?

In the Epics of Gilgamesh (Tablet XI), we are told of a flood story which wiped of everything from the surface of the earth, leaving only two people (Utnapishtim and his wife) and what they loaded onto a boat which Utnapishtim was ordered by the God Ea to build. There are also accounts of flood in the ancient Mayan civilization, Kemet civilization, just to mention few. The shocking aspect is; all these flood stories (whether real or myth) are far older than the one in the bible.

Read about these civilizations mentioned above and you will get to know where the flood story in the bible was plagiarized from. You can read from the source below:

Epics of Gilgamesh,

The Mayan flood

Kobina Essoun

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