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TikTok tests new twitter-like repost button

The year 2021 was a rewarding one for the several popular social media TikTok as it was known to surpass major milestones since its launch in September 2016.

The Chinese app has which was known to be the 7th most popular domain in the year 2020, surpassed Google amongst other popular domains to earn the most popular domain in 2021.

In August 2021, it unsurprisingly became the most downloaded app in the world, overtaking Facebook and Whatsapp amongst other social appsThis and many more were the remarkable milestones TikTok accomplished last year.

 Now in 2022, in a bit to deliver more outstanding value to its numerous users globally the Chinese app is now testing its own version of Twitter-like retweet. With the introduction of this new “Repost” button, users will have the ability to share videos with their own followers on the platform effortlessly.

According to reports, the Repost button will come as an option in the “Share” menu. The share button comprises options to send the video content to friends via messages, texts or social media posts elsewhere. With the Repost button instead of sharing the video with friends directly via the options mentioned above, the video content is shared with your friends on TikTok.

But unlike Twitter’s retweet, the reposted video content will not be displayed on your own TikTok profile — it only sends the video content out to your friends’ For You feeds. The button is also not available yet to TikTok users.

A typical example is, when a video gets to you through the Discover page or inbox from a friend’s share, you don’t get to see the Repost button being available there. It will only appear on videos from For You feed on the app. In other words, this feature provides a way of boosting the visibility of videos algorithmically recommended to you.

However, it stops short of requiring users to create their own video to make that happen — by either stitching or dueting with the original content, which is how users re-share others’ videos today. This provides a low-friction way for users to engage with TikTok videos and re-share them and could encourage more passive users to participate on the platform.


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